Based on hundreds of model/talent applications we receive every month, it is clear that many people like you in Malaysia want to try themselves out in the modelling/talent industry, and if you are one of them – I applaud you.

When you know how to do it right, it is fun and pretty much effortless.

With the economic hardships becoming more and more frustrating for many…

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Make Some Extra Money by Doing Modeling/Talent Jobs or Even Becoming a Full-Time Model

But it is not all rainbows and unicorns…

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Sad Truth: Many Wanna-Be Models/Talents Will Try. Most Will Fail

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but most people approach it the wrong way and either give up or waste too much time trying to figure it out on their own.

How do I know that and why you should listen to me?

I've Been in Your Shoes

Eva and modelling boys at the casting

My name is Eva, currently, I run Evergreen Talents Modeling Agency handling a database of 10s of thousands of talents/models.

I don’t want to sound braggy but with the help from both our staff and our models, Evergreen Talents truly is the leading model/talent agency in Malaysia…

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I rarely write personal letters, too busy, you know…

My modelling days are over but if you are the upcoming model/talent I envy you.

I’ve been in the modelling/talent industry for 19 years (13 of them in Malaysia), and I sincerely think it is the easiest way to make money while being your own boss and choosing your own hours.

I Love It! And You Will Love It Too

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Just imagine you.
Contrary to popular belief

With the Right Tools at Your Disposal, It is Ridiculously Easy to Get Modelling / Talent Jobs

If today I had to get a job as a model, I’m 111% certain that it wouldn’t take much time. In fact, I can bet my money I’d get my first job in 2 days maximum.

But it hasn’t always been like this.

I Was Frustrated. Borderline Depressed

From the moment I decided to become a model to the moment when I landed my first job, there was a period of 18 heartbreaking months and 3 days of trials and errors, rejections, complications and crying in the shower.

I really, really wanted to be a model but it seemed like the whole world was against me and there were no jobs for me.

I was about to give up (multiple times!) until finally, the pieces started falling into place.

The tables turned.

I uncovered the secrets of this industry.

I started landing jobs and making what I thought at the time (and still think)…

The Easiest Money in My Life

For example… I’ve done jobs for FedEx, Maybank, LG and many other brands. Some of these jobs pay thousands for a few hours of work.

And honestly… I can hardly call smiling or posing work… Can you?

If you can’t tell it yet, I love the industry… and I love to work with aspiring models/talents (you?)

But, Until You Get This Right You Will Be Struggling

Today with your permission, I’d like to show you something that I HAD TO COME UP WITH…

I had to because I physically can’t coach every single person who approaches Evergreen Talents with the desire to become a model/talent (hundreds every month) and explain all the nitty-gritty details of what you need to take care of first before we (or any other decent agency in Malaysia) can get you jobs.

My time is too valuable but I found the ultimate solution 

…click below so that I can show you