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From Zero to Your First Modelling Job

the only workshop in Malaysia that comes with a
“You’ll get modelling/talent job offers every day” guarantee!

The only workshop that fills in your model/talent knowledge gaps, gives you practical skills, boosts your confidence and actually gets you modelling/talent jobs.

Who is This Workshop For?

Our workshop is specifically designed for talented individuals like yourself who are eager to kickstart their modelling journey and land amazing job opportunities.

Here's What You Get:

Transform your modeling career with our comprehensive training program that offers:

And Exclusive Bonuses:

So, Let’s Summarize…

There’s never been a more certain, more effective way to access the world of modelling. 

You’ll learn from real experts what’s working today (remember, we’re a model/talent agency, not a schoolwe actually DO this stuff every day) placing you in a very small group of people who ACTUALLY know their way around modelling/talent business in Malaysia… plus you’ll get your portfolio done… plus the certificate… plus you’ll start receiving offers almost immediately after the completion of the workshop.

So, How Much Does it Cost?

You are in luck – not much at all. 

My goal was to make sure that for the person who’s serious about becoming a model, the price would not become an obstacle.

Also, I want your testimonial first before we increase the price.

For a limited time, the first 15 can join the workshop, get the comp card done and have an exclusive access to Evergreen Talents job pool for only RM799 (early bird) or RM999 (normal price)

Get Results - Or Get Your Money Back!

Here’s my rock-solid guarantee: go ahead and join the workshop now. I’m so confident that you’ll find your first client within the first 6 months that I’m willing to put everything on the line here.

If you follow the instructions and start applying for jobs and end up not getting a single deal, I’ll refund every cent.

At Evergreen Talents, we are committed to your success and believe in the effectiveness of our training program. We understand that investing in your future can be a big decision, and we want to provide you with peace of mind. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee that ensures your satisfaction and puts you in control of your career journey.

We are confident that our course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a successful modelling career. However, we also understand that landing a job in the modelling industry can be challenging, which is why we’ve designed our money-back guarantee with your best interests in mind.

Here are the conditions of our money-back guarantee:

A six-month period: You will have a generous six-month timeframe from the date of course completion to evaluate your progress and job prospects.

Genuine effort to apply: We expect you to make a genuine effort to apply for as many modeling jobs as possible during this six-month period. It’s crucial to take advantage of the opportunities available in the industry and put your skills to the test.

Portfolio upgrades: Continuously upgrading your portfolio is key to standing out in the modeling industry. We encourage you to invest time and effort into refining and expanding your portfolio throughout the six-month period.

Skill development: The modelling industry is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. We urge you to dedicate time to developing your skills, whether through our additional resources, workshops, or other relevant learning opportunities.

If, despite your sincere efforts in applying for jobs, upgrading your portfolio, and developing your skills, you find yourself unable to land a single job within the six-month period, we will honour our money-back guarantee. We believe in our course and its ability to empower you, but we also understand that individual circumstances can vary.

Our goal is to support you in every step of your modelling career journey. If you meet the above conditions and are unable to secure a job, we will refund your course fee in full. We are committed to your success and want to ensure that you feel confident in choosing “From Zero to Your First Modelling Job” as your pathway to a fulfilling modelling career.

If you act now, you can get in for the lowest price this workshop will EVER be offered. We’re seriously considering tripling the price for the upcoming one.

P.S. If you are serious about your modelling career, you can’t afford to NOT join this workshop.

Remember, we’ll provide you with a comp card, portfolio video, job offers as well as all the secrets you need to start your modelling career.

Just one serious gig or a few smaller gigs will easily recoup your investment and start putting a profit in your pocket.

Only 15 seats are available, and I’m not planning on doing this workshop any time soon again.
If you don’t join the workshop today, you’ll most probably have to wait for 8 weeks or longer to get another chance to learn how to get modelling gigs effortlessly and join our exclusive list of models/talents who receive offers.

A lot can change in 8 weeks, so take out your payment card now and join this workshop today.

Right at this moment there are people all over Malaysia getting modelling/talent jobs. That could be you. You could be the one applying and getting jobs.

There’s a path to these dreams – and it starts right here when you click the “order now” button below.

Got questions? Email: info@evergreentalents.com and we’ll get back to you.

Welcome to Evergreen Talents!

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